Get the Greenest Lawn in Town

Set up a sprinkler system installation for your Colorado Springs, CO home

Summertime means bright days, warm nights, popsicles and... brown spots on your lawn. The arid heat in Colorado Springs, CO is never felt more severely than in the summer months, and your lawn suffers for it. Thankfully, there's a simple way to maintain a lush, green lawn all year. You need a sprinkler system installation from Real Solutions Landscaping.

An experienced landscaper will handle your irrigation system installation in Colorado Springs, Colorado or the surrounding area. Call 719-645-3485 now to set up an appointment.

Uncover the advantages of using a sprinkler system

An irrigation system installation is an investment in your home. Using a sprinkler system...

  • Saves time: Your irrigation system will work whether you're around or not, so you'll never need to make time to water the lawn again.
  • Conserves water: You can set your sprinkler system to provide the ideal amount of water for your lawn, reducing water waste.
  • Prevents weeds: Weeds flourish when water resources are scarce. By keeping your lawn watered, you give your grass the advantage.

Arrange for a sprinkler system installation in the Colorado Springs, CO area by calling Real Solutions Landscaping today.